Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Weird Tales January 1937 RePULPed

RePULPed is a blog along the same lines as Covered, yet instead of redrawing comic book covers, artist redraw old pulp fiction covers. Pulp fiction covers of the thirties were a bit more risqué than comic book covers, and Weird Tales was no exception. Margaret Brundage was an artist living in Chicago that supplied many covers for Weird Tales while the publisher was based there. Brundage produced sixty-six covers for Weird Tales, with a consecutive run of thirty-nine issues between June 1933 to October 1936; all of her covers were pastel chalks on thin, cheap paper.

The cover I decided to RePulp is Weird Tales January 1937, Children of the Bat. Its relatively straight forward, falling in line with the “Ladies in Terror” style of cover, but with more of the eroticism Brundage was known for. Her covers focused on the female form, often slim, practically nude women with a slight bit of terror in the eyes.

I omitted the hooded man as I saw no real need for him and created an archway instead of an alter; I did this mostly so I could have a colony bats in the background. I also decided to remove the text from my RePulp, text often times interferes with the image and most of the text on the original cover doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, Children of the Bat. I kept the original pose of the woman as well as the basic composition of the original cover, I wanted to do something as close to the original as possible but still in my style.

I did a few different versions of this cover, mostly changing the background and adding geometric elements that have been finding their way into my other work of late. I’ll have to post those at some point in the future. After doing this RePulp, I’ve done two more that I have yet to submit, I should send them sometime soon and write about those at some point in the future.